Music Lessons

Music Lessons available in Piano, Guitar, Vocals, Violin, Cello, and Drums! 

All lessons are $65/hour, $50/45 mins, and $40/30mins virtually

First lesson is 1/2 as a trial!

Email: for more info and to sign up!

All ages accepted! <3 


| "But...why study with Alethea?" |

"Alethea is terrific at keeping my daughter motivated and adjusting her teaching style and content on the fly as determined by my daughters reaction to the lesson.  It’s so much fun for her to take lessons with Alethea." - Sarah Schiller

Alethea is incredible with the girls! They both look forward to piano lessons, practice because she’s made it so fun and giggle their way through their lessons. Even better, they are getting good and loving the art of music!’ -Dana Warren, mother of 8.5 and 4.4 year olds

"Alethea always brings positive energy and fun when teaching kids how to play the piano.  She cares deeply for her students and is proud of them at every milestone." - Heather Rogoff
"Alethea is one of the best piano teachers I've had and she finally taught me how to play piano in a kind way." - Campbell (Student)
“Alethea is nice, funny and patient! I learned many songs and breathing techniques and vocal warmups and new chords, so now I am able to sing and play songs that are hard, like Sam Smith”  - Student (8 years old) 

Instruments and Training 
 Violin - played for 14 years, private lessons through Suzuki School Methodology, Metropolitan Youth Symphony and Portland Youth Philharmonic in Portland, Oregon 
Guitar - played for 12 years, self-taught, learned more techniques byway of the live scene in New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville
Piano - 15 years, private lessons at Phillips Exeter Academy and Whitman College and through a private instructor in Portland, Oregon
Voice -  4 years, private instruction through Whitman College and teachers, Lisa Orinn, Maria Tegzes and Margo Hennebach
Ukulele - 1 year, self-taught 
Other training in music or education 
- Music Minor at Whitman College (emphasis on music history and theory) 
- Theory lessons through Portland Youth Philharmonic
- Piano lessons at Phillips Exeter Academy 
- Piano and Voice lessons at Whitman College
- Songwriting Lessons through Billy Seidman's Songarts Academy, Cari Cole's Signature Songwriting Circle, 6 Figure Songwriting, Sync It and CTRL Camp
- “Songwriting” and “Music Production” through Berklee online
- Logic Pro X production course through LinkedIn Academy, Triple Threat Artist, Make Sh!t Modern