About Alethea

Alethea is a singer / songwriter Based in Los Angeles, CA who uses Pop-Rock as a catalyst for hope.

Pop-Rocker. Singer-Songwriter. Event-Organizer. 

Alethea is a mix of Pat Benatar, The Fray, Shakira, PJ Harvey, and Sarah McLaughlin.

Her voice gives you chills. Her powerful performances leave you breathless. 

Whether with bare piano keys or acoustic guitar or dashes of ear-tingling electronica, she explores her own relationships with a subtlety that captures the raw yearning inside all of us. 

Her confessional torch pop sounds like Sarah McLaughlin mixed with EDM and a touch of PJ Harvey and Shakira. On stage and in her music videos, her soul finds fiery expression.

“Because of my fractured past, I believe in connecting people through music,” says Alethea. Her instagram slogan is "Let's use #art as a catalyst for #hope." 

Alethea grew up in the country of Hubbard, Oregon as well as the city of Portland, Oregon. She has performed all over the US and the world including Germany, China, Sacramento, San Francisco, Idaho, Oregon, and New York. She discovered she wanted to be a musician in a tunnel in Freiburg, Germany after writing the song “Butterflies.”

Her music bridges the ballads of the lone soul, with the multi-layered expressions of a bustling city. With an ensemble, she explores sounds ranging from Latin rhythms to pop-rock-infused tunes.

Her strength is in how she digs into her own experiences. In songs like “New York State of Mind,” the beats and production bring out the depth of her spirit and show her how her imagination works in three dimensions.

Currently, she’s working with producers Zoe Lustri & Alex Acheson, booking festivals and shows in Southern California and finishing Confessions, a heartfelt album.

| "But...why music?" |

Why do you dream of being a singer/songwriter?

I love music. The only time I feel completely at peace and at ease is when I’m singing, writing, performing or playing soccer. Songs just kind of come to me.

What inspires you to write?

Everything I read about in the news, everything that I see out in the world around me. I’m a pretty emotional and sensitive person so there are many things that just motivate me to want to speak out… either for the sake of my own heart or for the emotions and experiences of other people.

What are your songs about?

Trials I’ve personally experienced or people I’m closed to have experienced. Often I write songs for people I really care about to help them feel better about their current situation. Or I write songs for my friends who are getting married. Some of the most beautiful songs I’ve written have been for my friends who have recently tied-the-knot.

What is your musical style?

Soul-pop is probably the best way to describe it, but I want to incorporate some rock influences in as well, such as drums and electric guitar. I find Rock n’ Rollers to really have their heart in the right place when it comes to the music. If I had my dream I would be a female Ed Sheeran mixed with Sara Bareilles and my band would sound like a mix of The Script and The Cranberries.

Why should people care about me as an artist?

I’m extremely passionate and motivated in what I do and why I do it. Someday, I want to create a fund to help low-income children so they can follow their dreams too.