Known for her soaring melodies and soul-felt performances, Alethea is a rare specimen of indie-artists. She is authentic, raw and her songs and performances will leave you feeling emotions you might have never knew you had.

    A mixture of city and country, Alethea grew up in the country of Hubbard, Oregon and Portland, Oregon and bounced around Germany, China, New Hampshire, Washington and Idaho to finally land in her home-base of Brooklyn, New York.

   Within the New York music scene, Alethea organizes concerts, collaborates with other artists and serves as the Musician in Residence for the hot-open mic, Inspired Word.

    Alethea is in the process of organizing a benefit concert for Hope for New York, a nonprofit aimed at supporting the homeless in New York City. Alethea is also promoting her EP, Light at the End of the Road and is creating two new music videos from tracks in the EP.